Pull Handle for 3/4" Panel - 31791210

No grooves needed.

Product number : 31791210
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Length of 12 linear foot
Finish Satin Aluminum
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Finish Number 10
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Length 12 ft
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Panel Thickness 3/4 in
Visible Height 1 1/4 in
Material Anodized Aluminum
Suggested Price From $50.00 to $100.00
Projection - Overall Dimensions 1 3/4 in
Packaging format Length of 12 linear foot

Important Information

Due to the fabrication technique, a percentage of tolerance must be accepted in the dimensions and the finish.

We strongly recommend that you order the products TUBECART and CAP (two CAPs per TUBECART) to package this product. No packaging fees when ordered by the complete case. Returns or claims for unpackaged products will not be accepted. Feel free to contact us at info@richelieu.com with questions.

Advantages and benefits

Screwed from the inside.

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