Heavy-Duty Appliance Lift - RASMLHDCR

Product number : RASMLHDCR
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Designed for installation in a full-height base cabinet, this retractable mechanism is designed to help you lift your heavy kitchen appliances. The shelf must be added by the customer.

Solutions Functional Accessories
Area of Activity Preparation, Cooking
Capacity Max. 60 lb
Finish Chrome
Packaging format Pair

Included Product(s)

- Right and left lifting arms
- Shock absorbers
- Springs (adjustable for the required load capacity)
- Hardware

Advantages and benefits

- Designed to complement any kitchen décor
- A high load capacity lets the lift support up to 27 kg (60 lb.)

Important Information

- Shelf not included.
- To determine shelf size, measure the distance between mounting plates when installed and subtract 1-1/4". Recommended shelf length is 20-1/2".
- Please see the technical drawings for all required measurements.

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