Titebond Post-Forming Neoprene Plus - 15003556

Product number : 15003556
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Titebond Post-forming Neoprene Plus contact cement is a high-quality, fast-drying, heat-resistant adhesive that allows post-forming. It creates an immediate strong bond that permits immediate machining.

Titebond Neoprene Plus Contact Cement is environmentally-friendly and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals. Unlike solvent-based contact cements, it is nonflammable, VOC compliant, has no offensive odor, and cleans up with water. Neoprene Plus is the ideal choice in response to local fire codes, insurance requirements, and general risk of fire.

Volume 1 gal.
Other available options
Packing Bulk/Liquid
Base Water
Special Characteristics Non-Flammable
Color Clear
Packaging format Per unit

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Advantages and benefits

- Ideal for plastic laminates and veneers
- Professional strength
- Highly water and heat-resistant
- Nonflammable
- No offensive odor


Bonds decorative laminates, veneer, hardboard, leather, rubber, and flexible metal to most common building materials.