Jowatherm Hot Melt Glue Cartridge - JW28630

Product number : JW28630
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Box of 48

Medium-viscosity hot melt cartridge with high heat resistance and good cold flexibility. Excellent color and heat stability.

Hot melt for automatic edgebanding. Suitable for solid wood, veneer, primed HPL, PVC and resinated paper edgebands.

Directions for use:
Application temperautre: 180-200 °C (356-392 °F)

Feed Speed:
Roller application: 18-60 m/min (50-180 ft/min)
Nozzle application: 10-40 m/min (30-120 ft/min)

Weight 26 lb
Other available options
Finish / Color Natural
Other available options
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Base EVA Copolymer
Line Speed 18-60 m/min
Working Temperature 180-200 °C
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Packaging format Box of 48

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