JOWAT 114-60 Dowel Driving Glue - JW11460

Product number : JW11460
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For automatic dowel-driving equipment operating at a low pressure of approximately 5-8 bar (70-120 psi).

Specifically designed for low-pressure models from manufacturers Koch, Hoffmann, Lehbrink, Weeke and Accu Systems. Due to the relatively slow set speed, further processing of glued parts should not take place earlier than three hours after application.

Tested according to Jowat test methods. Customer trials are recommended.

Recommended for Indoor
Special Application Dowel Glue
Solid Content (Approx.) 40%
Viscosity 125 cps
Color Before Application White
Weight 45 lb
Material Specialized Vinyl Acetate Emulsion
Dried Film Clear
Base Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion
Color White
Ph 5.0
Freeze/Thaw Stability Unstable
Packaging format Per unit

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