General Purpose Cut-Off - AT610400C

Product number : AT610400C
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Requires one of the following products

15° hook angle, alternate top bevel (ATB) grind.

Universal application: rip and cross-cut natural woods, size plywood.

Diameter 10 in
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Teeth 40
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Grind ATB
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Bore 5/8 in
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Blade Type Circular Blade
Main Application Wood
Brand Amana
Kerf (B) 0.126 in
Plate (C) 0.087 in
Packaging format Per unit

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Advantages and benefits

- Large european carbide micrograin carbides tips.
- Carbide tips stay sharper longer resulting in extended blade life.
- Maximum blade performance for perfect cut quality.
- Unique technology to ensure perfect straightening, balancing and tension.
- Micron-thin translucent non-stick blue-tinted coating.
- Coating reduces heat build-up and resin accumulation.
- Coating applied by using an electrostatic bonding process.
- Environmentally friendly coating with easy clean up.
- Subjected to extensive performance and quality tests.
- Compatible with "SawStop" Safety System.

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