Jowatherm 286 Hot Melt Adhesive Cartridge - JW28630

Product number : JW28630
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Box of 48

Hot melt adhesive cartridge with high heat resistance and good cold flexibility.

Finish / Color Natural
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Weight 26 lb
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Viscosity Medium
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Type Cartridges
Line speed 10-30 m/min
Filler Regular
Adhesives Thin PVC and ABS edgbanding, Thick PVC and ABS edgebanding, Solid wood edgebanding, Multi-layered 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm edgebanding, Backed thin wood edgebanding, Polyester, Melamine, Laminate
Working Temperature 175 to 220 C
Material EVA Copolymer
Packaging format Box of 48

Advantages and benefits

- Excellent color and heat stability
- High heat resistance
- Good cold flexibility.


Hot melt for automatic edgebanding. Suitable for solid wood, veneer, primed HPL, PVC and resinated paper edgebands.