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Aqua Chroma Waterborne Spray Stain Base

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Aqua Chroma Spray Stain Base is a ready to use, environmentally sound stain base for achieving excellent grain definition. This product is LEEDS compliant when properly tinted. Dark colors can be achieved with outstanding clarity and excellent adhesion. The application characteristics of this product is very forgiving compared to its solvent-based counterparts. It is designed to be used with Aqualux Tinter pigments to a maximum total level of 7% by weight. Dyes may also be used at a lower level. While Aqua Chroma allows manufacturers to achieve dark colors in a spray stain, a white pore effect may occasionally be observed on deep grain wood and very dark colors. Dark colors on open pore wood may require use of the Aqua Chroma wipe stain ES5120. Always check your process with a sample piece prior to beginning production.


Primers and Undercoats
Aqua Chroma
Application Method
Spray Gun
Water Based
Mixing Method
Aqua Chroma Waterborne Spray Stain Base

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