Plane Stick Burn-in Sticks

Product #: M3502055
Color: Antique Red Almond Almond American Green American Green American Walnut American Walnut Antique Light Blue Antique Light Blue Antique Light Green Antique Light Green Antique Oak Antique Oak Antique White Antique White Beige Tone Beige Tone Biscayne Red Biscayne Red Black Black Blonde Blonde Brown Mahogany Brown Mahogany Champagne Champagne Cherry Cherry Colonial Maple Colonial Maple Country French Red Country French Red Dark Red Mahogany Dark Red Mahogany Deep Mahogany Deep Mahogany Extra Dark Oak Extra Dark Oak Extra Dark Walnut Extra Dark Walnut Light Golden Oak Light Golden Oak Light Oak Light Oak Light Walnut Light Walnut Medium Brown Walnut Medium Brown Walnut Medium Oak Medium Oak Medium Walnut Medium Walnut Mplin Maple Linen Mplin Maple Linen Natural Red Oak Natural Red Oak Natural White Oak Natural White Oak Neutral Neutral Orange Mahogany Orange Mahogany Parisian Blue, French Country Parisian Blue, French Country Pine Pine Pine Ranch Pine Ranch Provincial White Provincial White Putty Putty Reddish Maple Reddish Maple Salem Maple Salem Maple Seafoam Seafoam Sharkfin Sharkfin Sheraton Mahogany Sheraton Mahogany Silk AW Silk AW Silverado Silverado Stone Stone White White Winterset Pine Winterset Pine Modify Options
Product number Color
M3502055 Antique Red
M3500401 Almond
M3500314 American Green
M3500156 American Walnut
M3502058 Antique Light Blue
M3502059 Antique Light Green
M3501521 Antique Oak
M3500412 Antique White
M3500303 Beige Tone
M3500285 Biscayne Red
M3500224 Black
M3500222 Blonde
M3500229 Brown Mahogany
M3500402 Champagne
M3500408 Cherry
M3500240 Colonial Maple
M3502060 Country French Red
M3500227 Dark Red Mahogany
M3500115 Deep Mahogany
M3507021 Extra Dark Oak
M3500209 Extra Dark Walnut
M3500415 Light Golden Oak
M3500004 Light Oak
M3500206 Light Walnut
M3500234 Medium Brown Walnut
M3502052 Medium Oak
M3500205 Medium Walnut
M3502062 Mplin Maple Linen
M3500306 Natural Red Oak
M3500305 Natural White Oak
M3500300 Neutral
M3500243 Orange Mahogany
M3502061 Parisian Blue, French Country
M3501516 Pine
M3500505 Pine Ranch
M3501506 Provincial White
M3502057 Putty
M3500208 Reddish Maple
M3500406 Salem Maple
M3500275 Seafoam
M3500005 Sharkfin
M3500226 Sheraton Mahogany
M3505000 Silk AW
M3500006 Silverado
M3502000 Stone
M3500202 White
M3500504 Winterset Pine


The PlaneStick Burn-in Stick is a dynamic new version of the old, conventional burn-in stick. This is the first truly new and exciting innovation in the touch-up industry in many years. The PlaneStick burn-in stick offers a number of advantages, including:

- "Flat" sheen
- No gloss-up when topcoated with satin or flat finishes
- Repairs stay in place on virtually any surface
- Hard but not brittle; will never shatter
- Fast and easy to level
- Great for hardwood floors
- Excellent for plastic laminates
- Length 3-1/2"


Product number
Plane Stick Burn-in Sticks
Application Method


  • Heat-Activated Products
  • Heat Guns and Burn-In Tools
Plane Stick Burn-in Sticks

Product number: M3502055