Background Touch-up Markers

Product №: M2945008
Color: Sweet Maple 264 Mouse Gray 264 Mouse Gray Aged River Rock Aged River Rock Antique Light Blue Antique Light Blue Antique Red Antique Red Ash Ash Autumn Blush Autumn Blush AWC Black AWC Black Baltic 9731200d78c Baltic 9731200d78c Black Black Black Forest Black Forest Blueberry Blueberry Bonsai Bonsai Brigitte Brigitte Buckskin Buckskin Burmese Burmese C73 Midnight Blue C73 Midnight Blue Cabernet Cherry Cabernet Cherry Cashmere/Pearl Cashmere/Pearl Cattail Cattail Champagne Champagne Cherry Cherry Cherry Cider Cherry Cider Chestnut Chestnut Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cherry Chocolate Cherry Coffee Maple Coffee Maple Country French Red Country French Red Cranberry Cranberry Cream Cream Crystal Fog Crystal Fog Dark Greige Swp Dark Greige Swp Dark Walnut/Dark Glaze Dark Walnut/Dark Glaze Dorian Gray Dorian Gray Dove Dove Dover Dover Dover White Dover White Dove Tail Swp Dove Tail Swp Egret/Khaki/Scone Egret/Khaki/Scone Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower Extra White Swp Extra White Swp Fawn/Sunset Fawn/Sunset Forest Floor Forest Floor Forest Lane Dark Forest Lane Dark Forest Lane Light Forest Lane Light Fossil/Moonstone Fossil/Moonstone Frost Frost Georgian Leather Georgian Leather Ginger Glaze Ginger Glaze Graphite Graphite Graphite Swp Graphite Swp Gray Loft Gray Loft Gray Paper Swp Gray Paper Swp Grizzly Grizzly Gun Metal Gray KMC PT315 Gun Metal Gray KMC PT315 Hale Navy Hale Navy Harbor Harbor Havana Havana Honey Spice/Amber Honey Spice/Amber Interior Maple Interior Maple Ivory Brown Glaze Ivory Brown Glaze Juniper Berry/Niagara Juniper Berry/Niagara Khaki Khaki Kodiak Kodiak Lagoon Lagoon Light Golden Oak Light Golden Oak Light Greige Swp Light Greige Swp Light Walnut Light Walnut Linen Linen London Skyline Kmc Pt375 London Skyline Kmc Pt375 Mahogany Mahogany Maple Caramel/Toffee Maple Caramel/Toffee Medium Cherry Medium Cherry Medium Oak Medium Oak Mid Greige Swp Mid Greige Swp Midnight Mystique Midnight Mystique Mission Wall Mission Wall Mist/Whisper Mist/Whisper Misty Bayou Misty Bayou Moonshine Moonshine Morel Morel Natural Natural Nautical Blue Kmc #pt305 Nautical Blue Kmc #pt305 Naval Swp Naval Swp Nebulous Gray Kmc #pt320ng Nebulous Gray Kmc #pt320ng Oatmeal Maple Oatmeal Maple Oyster Swp Oyster Swp Palomino Palomino Pebble Gray Pebble Gray Pebble Gray Glaze Pebble Gray Glaze Platinum Gray Kmc #pt355 Platinum Gray Kmc #pt355 Pure White Pure White Putty Putty Rainwater Rainwater Repose Gray Repose Gray River Rock River Rock Rocky Mountain Sky Rocky Mountain Sky Sable Oak Sable Oak Saffron Yellow Saffron Yellow Sage Sage Sahara Sahara Sand Sand Sandstone SWP Sandstone SWP Seal Seal Sharkey Gray Sharkey Gray SM Saddle SM Saddle SM Shale SM Shale SM Stone SM Stone SM White SM White Snowdrift Kmc #pt300sd Snowdrift Kmc #pt300sd Soft Cream Soft Cream Storm Storm Surfside Surfside Thatch Thatch Tundra Tundra Vanilla Soufflé Vanilla Soufflé Wedgestone Wedgestone White White White/Alabstr/Pkt.Fence White/Alabstr/Pkt.Fence White 9731200wh White 9731200wh White II White II Willow 9730500wlom Willow 9730500wlom Winter Haven Winter Haven Yellow Yellow Modify Options
Product № Color
M2945008 Sweet Maple
M2940157 264 Mouse Gray
M2940226 Aged River Rock
M2945016 Antique Light Blue
M2945013 Antique Red
M2940117 Ash
M2944000 Autumn Blush
M2940364 AWC Black
M2940107 Baltic 9731200d78c
M2945011 Black
M2940185 Black Forest
M2940127 Blueberry
M2940239 Bonsai
M2941026 Brigitte
M2940200 Buckskin
M2940242 Burmese
M2940156 C73 Midnight Blue
M2944003 Cabernet Cherry
M2940085 Cashmere/Pearl
M2940263 Cattail
M2945001 Champagne
M2945006 Cherry
M2944007 Cherry Cider
M2944005 Chestnut
M2940145 Chocolate
M2944002 Chocolate Cherry
M2940190 Coffee Maple
M2943148 Country French Red
M2940007 Cranberry
M2940158 Cranberry
M2940660 Cream
M2940055 Crystal Fog
M2940278 Dark Greige Swp
M2945002 Dark Walnut/Dark Glaze
M2940192 Dorian Gray
M2940037 Dove
M2940087 Dover
M2940247 Dover White
M2940217 Dove Tail Swp
M2940095 Egret/Khaki/Scone
M2940070 Eiffel Tower
M2940338 Extra White Swp
M2944001 Fawn/Sunset
M2940088 Forest Floor
M2940138 Forest Lane Dark
M2940139 Forest Lane Light
M2940098 Fossil/Moonstone
M2940187 Frost
M2945007 Georgian Leather
M2944004 Ginger Glaze
M2940167 Graphite
M2940220 Graphite Swp
M2940165 Gray Loft
M2940277 Gray Paper Swp
M2940282 Grizzly
M2940035 Gun Metal Gray KMC PT315
M2940269 Hale Navy
M2940183 Harbor
M2940188 Havana
M2944008 Honey Spice/Amber
M2945018 Interior Maple
M2940008 Ivory Brown Glaze
M2940089 Juniper Berry/Niagara
M2945014 Khaki
M2940281 Kodiak
M2940213 Lagoon
M2945010 Light Golden Oak
M2940268 Light Greige Swp
M2945004 Light Walnut
M2940111 Linen
M2940210 London Skyline Kmc Pt375
M2945005 Mahogany
M2944006 Maple Caramel/Toffee
M2940264 Medium Cherry
M2945003 Medium Oak
M2940270 Mid Greige Swp
M2940052 Midnight Mystique
M2940028 Mission Wall
M2940168 Mist/Whisper
M2940069 Misty Bayou
M2940110 Moonshine
M2940159 Morel
M2945000 Natural
M2940186 Nautical Blue Kmc #pt305
M2940276 Naval Swp
M2940027 Nebulous Gray Kmc #pt320ng
M2945009 Oatmeal Maple
M2940219 Oyster Swp
M2940266 Palomino
M2940113 Pebble Gray
M2940114 Pebble Gray Glaze
M2940057 Platinum Gray Kmc #pt355
M2940216 Pure White
M2945015 Putty
M2940097 Rainwater
M2940036 Repose Gray
M2940061 River Rock
M2940262 Rocky Mountain Sky
M2940169 Sable Oak
M2945024 Saffron Yellow
M2945020 Sage
M2940189 Sahara
M2940083 Sand
M2940246 Sandstone SWP
M2940010 Seal
M2940013 Sharkey Gray
M2940001 SM Saddle
M2940003 SM Shale
M2940002 SM Stone
M2945027 SM White
M2940026 Snowdrift Kmc #pt300sd
M2940198 Soft Cream
M2940012 Storm
M2940214 Surfside
M2940144 Thatch
M2940153 Tundra
M2940062 Vanilla Soufflé
M2940059 Wedgestone
M2945026 White
M2940090 White/Alabstr/Pkt.Fence
M2940125 White 9731200wh
M2940199 White II
M2940784 Willow 9730500wlom
M2945022 Winter Haven
M2945019 Yellow


Fast-drying opaque markers used to replace the background color over wood filler repairs of all types.


Product №
Background Touch-Up Markers
Application Method