Extension Springs

Product #: 7744BLBC
Width: 1 5/8 in Diameter: 11/64 in Door Size: 16 ft x 7 ft Color/Finish: Black / Red Weight Capacity: Max. 150 lb Modify Options
Product number Width Diameter Door Size Color/Finish Weight Capacity
7744BLBC 1 5/8 in 11/64 in 16 ft x 7 ft Black / Red Max. 150 lb
7740BLBC 1 3/16 in 1/8 in 8 ft x 7 ft / 9 ft x 7 ft Black / Light Blue Max. 90 lb
7742BLBC 1 13/32 in 5/32 in 8 ft x 7 ft / 9 ft x 7 ft / 16 ft x 7 ft Black / Yellow Max. 130 lb
7743BLBC 1 1/2 in 5/32 in 16 ft x 7 ft Black / Blue Max. 140 lb
7741BLBC 1 1/2 in 5/32 in 8 ft x 7 ft / 9 ft x 7 ft / 16 ft x 7 ft Black / White Max. 110 lb
7745BLBC 1 23/32 in 3/16 in 16 ft x 7 ft Black / Brown Max. 160 lb


Allows manual and electric garage doors to lift easily.

We offer springs to accommodate any garage door size and weight. Our simple color coding system helps customers identify the appropriate extension springs for their garage door. Provides the strength and lifting power that your garage door needs.


Product number
25 in
Manufacturing Material


Springs should always be replaced in pairs.
Always replace springs with the same class (color) of spring.
Always install safety cable with springs.


Allows manual and electric garage doors to lift easily.


2 extension springs
2 safety cables


Warning: Improper installation or door position can result in serious injury or death. - Be sure to read and fully understand all instructions before starting any work. - Wear eye protection. - Disconnect power door opener from door before any other step. - Do not remove more than one part at a time. - Do not raise or lower without all components installed and tightly secured. - This hardware is only intended for residential garage doors. - All hardware - especially extension and torsion springs - under extreme tension at all times. - All tension must be released from springs before performing any work. - If you are unsure if the replacement part matches the part to be replaced or if you do not understand the installation instructions, contact a professional installer.
Extension Springs

Product number: 7744BLBC