Leather Jewelry Tray

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Application: Earrings Glasses Multipurpose Necklaces Rings Watches Product Dimensions - Width: 127 mm 203 mm Finish: Brown Mocha White Caramel Select Options
Product № Application Product Dimensions - Width Finish
74202060 Earrings 127 mm Brown Mocha
74201030 Earrings 127 mm White Caramel
74502060 Glasses 203 mm Brown Mocha
74501030 Glasses 203 mm White Caramel
74302060 Multipurpose 127 mm Brown Mocha
74301030 Multipurpose 127 mm White Caramel
74602060 Necklaces 203 mm Brown Mocha
74601030 Necklaces 203 mm White Caramel
74102060 Rings 127 mm Brown Mocha
74101030 Rings 127 mm White Caramel
74402060 Watches 127 mm Brown Mocha
74401030 Watches 127 mm White Caramel


High-end, Italian designed and handcrafted eco-leather jewelry trays that will enhance the value of your jewelry. Assortment of trays to store all your precious jewels. Offered in two trendy colors: Mocha Brown and Caramel White.


Trendy Italian design that enhances the value of your jewelry.
Ecological leather made of 100% recycled materials.
Handmade construction according to traditional techniques.
Suitable for all types of jewelry, such as rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, and more.
Simply place it in your drawer.
Leather Jewelry Tray
Leather Jewelry Tray
To buy, choose from the options.