Contemporary Aluminum Pull - 1310

Product #: BP1310132030
Center to Center: 320 mm Finish: White Aluminum Aluminum Brushed Black Brushed Black Chrome Chrome Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Length - Overall Dimensions: 345 mm Screw/Nail: M4 (Included) Packaging format: Bag Modify Options
Product number Center to Center Finish Length - Overall Dimensions Screw/Nail Packaging format
BP1310132030 320 mm White 345 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310112810 128 mm Aluminum 153 mm M4 (Included) Bag
1310112810 128 mm Aluminum 153 mm M4 (Not Included) Per unit
BP13101128990 128 mm Brushed Black 153 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101128140 128 mm Chrome 153 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101128170 128 mm Stainless Steel 153 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310112830 128 mm White 153 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310116010 160 mm Aluminum 185 mm M4 (Included) Bag
1310116010 160 mm Aluminum 185 mm M4 (Not Included) Per unit
BP13101160990 160 mm Brushed Black 185 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101160140 160 mm Chrome 185 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101160900 160 mm Matte Black 185 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101160170 160 mm Stainless Steel 185 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310116030 160 mm White 185 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310119210 192 mm Aluminum 217 mm M4 (Included) Bag
1310119210 192 mm Aluminum 217 mm M4 (Not Included) Per unit
BP13101192990 192 mm Brushed Black 217 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101192140 192 mm Chrome 217 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101192170 192 mm Stainless Steel 217 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310119230 192 mm White 217 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310122410 224 mm Aluminum 249 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101224990 224 mm Brushed Black 249 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101224140 224 mm Chrome 249 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101224170 224 mm Stainless Steel 249 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310122430 224 mm White 249 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP1310132010 320 mm Aluminum 345 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101320990 320 mm Brushed Black 345 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101320140 320 mm Chrome 345 mm M4 (Included) Bag
BP13101320170 320 mm Stainless Steel 345 mm M4 (Included) Bag


Contemporary aluminum pull by Richelieu. This linear design with a concave grip is perfect for a variety of furniture and décor.


Product number
Pulls and Knobs Style
Width - Overall Dimensions
8 mm
Color Group
White Group
Finish Number
Suggested Price
From $30.00 to $40.00
Projection - Overall Dimensions
22 mm
New Collection


Although our black finish is achieved through a rigorous process, it may show signs of normal usage faster than other finishes.
Contemporary Aluminum Pull - 1310

Product number: BP1310132030