Contemporary Brass Pull - 938

Product #: 938192195AB
Center to Center: 192 mm Diameter - Overall Dimensions: 10 mm Length - Overall Dimensions: 202 mm Width - Overall Dimensions: 10 mm Screw/Nail: 8/32 (Included) Modify Options
Product number Center to Center Diameter - Overall Dimensions Length - Overall Dimensions Width - Overall Dimensions Screw/Nail
938192195AB 192 mm 10 mm 202 mm 10 mm 8/32 (Included)
93896195AB 96 mm 10 mm 106 mm 10 mm 8/32 (Included)
938128195AB 128 mm 10 mm 139 mm 10 mm 8/32 (Included)
938203195AB 203 mm 19 mm 222 mm 19 mm 1/4-20 (included)
938224195AB 224 mm 10 mm 234 mm 10 mm 8/32 (Included)
938305195AB 305 mm 19 mm 323 mm 19 mm 1/4-20 (included)


Reduces cross-contamination

A clean shape and antimicrobial properties make this pull ideal for a high traffic environment where minimizing bacteria is a priority.


Product number
Pulls and Knobs Style
Antibacterial, Brushed Nickel
Standards and Certifications
LEED, Antibacterial Effectiveness Certificate
Brass, Resistant to Disinfecting Products
Color Group
Gray and Chrome Group
Finish Number
195, AB
Suggested Price
From $50.00 to $100.00
Projection - Overall Dimensions
29 mm
Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Products


SANIGUARD® silver ion based antibacterial finish has the power to suppress the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, mold, and mildew on the surface of the hardware. SANIGUARD® does not actually kill bacteria. It inhibits the growth of the bacteria.

Silver ions will:
- Suffocate the microbe: silver ions inhibit membrane transport processes.
- Starve the microbe: silver ions interrupt cell metabolism.
- Sterilize the microbe: silver ions prevent cell multiplication.


This product is not a disinfectant and does not protect the user or others against food-borne illnesses or disease. Always use proper hygiene and cleaning procedures.
Contemporary Brass Pull - 938

Product number: 938192195AB