Transitional Metal Pull - 650

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Center to Center: 3 in 96 mm 128 mm 192 mm Finish: Antique English Antique English Antique Nickel Antique Nickel Aurum Brushed Gold Aurum Brushed Gold Black Stainless Steel Black Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze Champagne Bronze Champagne Bronze Hollyberry (Wilsonart®) Hollyberry (Wilsonart®) Honey Bronze Honey Bronze Indigo (Wilsonart®) Indigo (Wilsonart®) Island (Wilsonart®) Island (Wilsonart®) Matte Black Matte Black Ocean (Wilsonart®) Ocean (Wilsonart®) Orange Grove (Wilsonart®) Orange Grove (Wilsonart®) Polished Nickel Polished Nickel Rose Gold Rose Gold Satin Brass Satin Brass Sunshine (Wilsonart®) Sunshine (Wilsonart®) Length - Overall Dimensions: 135 mm 158 mm 198 mm 276 mm Packaging format: Per unit Bag Select Options
Product № Center to Center Finish Length - Overall Dimensions Packaging format
BP65076AE 3 in Antique English 135 mm Bag
BP65076143 3 in Antique Nickel 135 mm Bag
BP65076158 3 in Aurum Brushed Gold 135 mm Bag
BP65076195 3 in Brushed Nickel 135 mm Bag
BP65076BORB 3 in Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze 135 mm Per unit
BP65076900 3 in Matte Black 135 mm Bag
BP65076180 3 in Polished Nickel 135 mm Bag
BP65076160 3 in Satin Brass 135 mm Bag
BP65096AE 96 mm Antique English 158 mm Bag
BP65096143 96 mm Antique Nickel 158 mm Bag
BP65096158 96 mm Aurum Brushed Gold 158 mm Bag
BP65096169 96 mm Black Stainless Steel 158 mm Bag
BP65096195 96 mm Brushed Nickel 158 mm Bag
BP65096BORB 96 mm Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze 158 mm Bag
BP65096CHBRZ 96 mm Champagne Bronze 158 mm Bag
BP65096D307 96 mm Hollyberry (Wilsonart®) 158 mm Bag
BP65096HBRZ 96 mm Honey Bronze 158 mm Bag
BP65096D379 96 mm Indigo (Wilsonart®) 158 mm Bag
BP65096900 96 mm Matte Black 158 mm Bag
BP65096D502 96 mm Ocean (Wilsonart®) 158 mm Bag
BP65096D501 96 mm Orange Grove (Wilsonart®) 158 mm Bag
BP65096180 96 mm Polished Nickel 158 mm Bag
BP65096192 96 mm Rose Gold 158 mm Bag
BP65096160 96 mm Satin Brass 158 mm Bag
BP65096D499 96 mm Sunshine (Wilsonart®) 158 mm Bag
BP650128AE 128 mm Antique English 198 mm Bag
BP650128143 128 mm Antique Nickel 198 mm Bag
BP650128158 128 mm Aurum Brushed Gold 198 mm Bag
BP650128169 128 mm Black Stainless Steel 198 mm Bag
BP650128195 128 mm Brushed Nickel 198 mm Bag
BP650128BORB 128 mm Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze 198 mm Bag
BP650128CHBRZ 128 mm Champagne Bronze 198 mm Bag
BP650128D307 128 mm Hollyberry (Wilsonart®) 198 mm Bag
BP650128HBRZ 128 mm Honey Bronze 198 mm Bag
BP650128D379 128 mm Indigo (Wilsonart®) 198 mm Bag
BP650128900 128 mm Matte Black 198 mm Bag
BP650128D501 128 mm Orange Grove (Wilsonart®) 198 mm Bag
BP650128180 128 mm Polished Nickel 198 mm Bag
BP650128192 128 mm Rose Gold 198 mm Bag
BP650128160 128 mm Satin Brass 198 mm Bag
BP650192AE 192 mm Antique English 276 mm Bag
BP650192143 192 mm Antique Nickel 276 mm Bag
BP650192169 192 mm Black Stainless Steel 276 mm Bag
BP650192195 192 mm Brushed Nickel 276 mm Bag
BP650192BORB 192 mm Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze 276 mm Bag
BP650192CHBRZ 192 mm Champagne Bronze 276 mm Bag
BP650192HBRZ 192 mm Honey Bronze 276 mm Bag
BP650192D379 192 mm Indigo (Wilsonart®) 276 mm Bag
BP650192D498 192 mm Island (Wilsonart®) 276 mm Bag
BP650192900 192 mm Matte Black 276 mm Bag
BP650192D502 192 mm Ocean (Wilsonart®) 276 mm Bag
BP650192180 192 mm Polished Nickel 276 mm Bag
BP650192192 192 mm Rose Gold 276 mm Bag
BP650192160 192 mm Satin Brass 276 mm Bag
BP650192D499 192 mm Sunshine (Wilsonart®) 276 mm Bag


This Richelieu transitional style pull refreshes the look of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Its slightly curved shape will add a distinguished look to your interior décor.


Pulls and Knobs Style
Width - Overall Dimensions
11 mm
8/32 (Included)


  • Knobs
  • Machine Screws
  • Inspiration Display Boards


Although our black finish is achieved through a rigorous process, it may show signs of normal usage faster than other finishes.
Transitional Metal Pull - 650
Transitional Metal Pull - 650
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