UltraSeal® PF-50 Straw Foam with Straw

Product №: 947030040
Volume: 12 oz Weight: 340 g Modify Options
Product № Volume Weight
947030040 12 oz 340 g
947060040 24 oz 680 g


One-component polyurethane foam

UltraSeal® Straw Foam is a low-expansion, one-component polyurethane foam that is UL-classified and designed to be used with a straw dispenser. Ideal for general sealing of gaps, holes and crevices, this foam system can be used without a gun dispenser.


A true low-expansion foam.
- Ideal for sealing, filling, and insulating around joints, base plates, mud sills, top plate penetrations, corner joints, T-joints, exterior cracks, utility panels, pipes, and duct penetrations.
- Closed cell structure reduces unwanted air and insect infiltration.
- Helps reduce energy consumption.
- Comes complete with a straw applicator.


Product №
Minimum Application Temperature
4 °C (40 °F)
Application Method
Ideal Use
Aluminum Windows, Wood Windows, Vinyl (PVC) Windows
Packaging Specifications
Pressurized Cartridge
Product Type


Surfaces should be free of dust, oil, grease, frost, and loose debris which may impair bonding. Dampness will not impair bond. For maximum yield, the temperature of the UltraSeal® PF-50 container should be 20 °C (68 °F). Minimum application temperature is 4 °C (40 °F). Colder temperatures lengthen curing time but will not affect seal properties when fully cured. When applying Ultra Seal PF-50, follow the instructions on the container. Fill gaps, cracks and holes with the sealant making allowance for post-expansion (fill cavities to 30% of volume). Multiple layers may be necessary in large cavities, with successive layers being allowed to expand and cure before the next layer is applied. Curing may be accelerated by spray misting the surrounding surface with water prior to application of the foam.


Shelf life and storage:
UltraSeal® PF-50 is an aerosol material and must be kept below 49 °C (120 °F). Notice to purchaser: Guaranteed to conform to product specifications if used by the expiry date printed on each aerosol container (12 months after manufacture).

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