At Richelieu, we always strive to provide designers and cabinet-makers with a broad range of specialty hardware and complementary products that combine function and aesthetics. Richelieu is your one-stop for everything you need.

Must-have kitchen essentials


These are a great way to add comfort and to increase the quality of everyday life by maximizing space inside cabinets as well as balancing functionality and organization in every kitchen.

Smart living kitchen 


Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level


These are some of our best solutions of in-cabinet accessories. A great way to add comfort to your everyday life. They will not only help boost the quality of life but also save space inside your cabinets and in essence increase the functionality and help you stay organized in your kitchen and living space.




Eat, work, sleep and conquer your space!


Turn your bed into a dining table or a working surface with Tabla mechanism.


  • Suitable for vertical single, double and large size and horizontal double and large size
  • The table top remains parallel to the floor when you pull the door up or down
  • Can accommodate up to five seats

Our spectacular selection of decorative hardware will inspire you


Trend, design, innovation, tradition and fine selection!


In our newly designed and user-friendly Decorative Hardware website section, you can enjoy an offering of cabinet hardware with the widest selection of finishes, materials, and design combinations. A voyage through our collection lets you experience unique creations crafted by world-renowned designers and manufactured according to strict quality guidelines

Lighting solutions – Shine some light on your creation


Lighting has been known to be a key part of our health and well-being, and even our moods. Tunable white lights provide the most flexibility in illumination available by allowing color temperatures to be adjusted from warm white to cool white light. Brighter cool light keeps us alert and awake, increasing productivity, while softer warmer lighting can help promote a calm and tranquil state, which stimulates concentration.

Decorative surfaces and custom-made doors


See our stunning selection of decorative premium panels and doors for adding texture, elegance, and energy to any interior space.
A wide variety of surfaces are offered to satisfy the need for both a functional and an inspiring material. Richelieu panels range from super smooth and ultra-brilliant to textured and embossed panels.

Pull-out table mechanisms and countertop extensions


Versatile pull-out table mechanisms help woodworkers and cabinetmakers build adaptable furniture that converts into multipurpose space-saving solutions to maximize living space.

Wine cellar solution


We offer a vast array of solutions for wine bottle storage. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary decor, our wide choice of wood and aluminum modules will meet your storage needs and inspire you for your projects. The only limit is your imagination!