Constellation - Orion

Product №: N14COORFM44C
Length: 47 in Width: 47 in Part: C Weight: 11.57 lb Felt coverage in (ft2): 51.45 ft Area in (ft2): 15.36 ft Packaging format: Box Modify Options
Product № Length Width Part Weight Felt coverage in (ft2) Area in (ft2) Packaging format
N14COORFM44C 47 in 47 in C 11.57 lb 51.45 ft 15.36 ft Box
N14COORFM44A 47 in 47 in A 6.24 lb 27.77 ft 15.36 ft Box
N14COORFM44B 47 in 47 in B 10.1 lb 44.89 ft 15.36 ft Box
N14COORFM44D 47 in 47 in D 10.1 lb 44.89 ft 15.36 ft Box
N14COORFM44E 47 in 47 in E 10.1 lb 44.89 ft 15.36 ft Box
WEBKIT1243372 143 in 143 in Kit 86.12 lb 382.89 ft 23.83 ft Per unit


Acoustical baffle system

The majestic Orion acoustic baffle system is part of our new collection called Constellation, by Feltkütur.

Orion distinguishes itself by its quadrilateral geometry. Orion's surface is divided into squares or, covered with crossed lines forming absorbent squares. The grid pattern was created thanks to the imagination of Scandinavian brands.

It is a very interesting decorative line if you want to have a creative and unique interior design.


Product №
Color Name
Gray Fermont


  • Acoustic Tiles
  • Decofelt Panels
  • Duotex Panels
  • Tahmea Panels