UltraSeal PF-10 Foam Cleaner

Product №: 947340011


UltraSeal® PF-10 Foam Cleaner is a cleaning solvent used to dissolve any uncured foam or adhesive foam from unwanted places.
Uniquely designed for use with Nuco dispensing guns.
UltraSeal® PF-10 also works for general cleaning purposes, but is mainly used to clean excess uncured polyurethane foam and foam applicators.


UltraSeal® PF-10 Foam Cleaner is designed to flush out any remaining uncured foam or adhesive from your gun, leaving it in good working condition and ready for your next project. Typical consumption is one can of cleaner per case of foam or adhesive. Please note that Ultra Clean will not dissolve cured foam or adhesive.
- Instantly cleans up uncured foam
- Helps maintain foam gun performance
- Essential for gun maintenance
- Attaches to foam gun, or can be used with a spray nozzle
- Can be used over and over again!


Product №
Packaging Specifications
Pressurized Cartridge
12 oz


Be prepared. Wear protective goggles, gloves, and clothing.
Clean in a well-ventilated area with a plastic-lined trash barrel.
Shake can well before spraying or attaching can to Nuco dispensing gun.
DO NOT use in a horizontal position.
For general cleaning, attach plastic nozzle to valve of can.
For gun cleaning, screw Ultra Clean can onto gun basket (finger-tighten only).
Carefully pull trigger to discharge cleaner through gun.
Spray until all traces of foam or adhesive have been removed and you see that all yellowish resin has been cleaned from gun.
Release gun trigger and let solvent soak in gun for 1 to 3 minutes.
Remove PF-10 can from the Nuco dispensing gun and place a new can of UltraSeal® gun foam onto the dispensing gun.
Spray new foam can into the plastic-lined trash barrel for 10 seconds to purge out all remaining cleaner still in the dispensing gun.


UltraSeal® PF-10 is an aerosol material and must be kept below 49 °C (120 °F).


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