Industrial Silicone Lubricant

Product №: D030065


Use on any surface: metal, glass, rubber, plastic, painted finishes, and fabrics.
- Stops sticking drawers, windows, doors, screens, zippers, locks, etc.
- Eliminates annoying squeaks in hinges, latches, springs, etc.
- Retards corrosion and protects tools, aluminum windows, and doors.
- Helps prevent dirt and mud from sticking and keeps snow from sticking to snow shovels.
- Dries fast, leaving no greasy or oily film.
- Not affected by water, oil or solvents.
- Heat stable: will not freeze or melt.

Economical lubricant/release agent for professional and industrial trade use:
- Stops squeaks, prevents corrosion, and lubricates window channels and movable auto parts.
- Prevents sticking, speeds production, and cuts cleanup time.
- Reduces friction on paper cutters, knives, drills, etc.
- Helps equipment last longer and work harder.

Thoroughly clean the surface to be sprayed, then spray a light film with a sweeping motion. When using on sticking surfaces, work object back and forth. Spray again if necessary.