Ultra® Classic Toner

Product # M1000408
Transparent dye-based toner with the highest lightfastness rating available for dyes. No overspray provides excellent flow-out and is mar- and alcohol-resistant. Solve flow-out problems associated with aerosol lacquer touch-ups! Ultra® Classic Toners use a non-fading, non-bleeding dye for excellent clarity. Wood shades can be varied without causing the "muddy" effect sometimes associated with pigment-type toners.
Color: Cherry Amber Amber Black Black Brown Fruitwood Brown Fruitwood Brown Mahogany Brown Mahogany Dark Golden Oak Dark Golden Oak Dark Red Mahogany Dark Red Mahogany Dark Red Walnut Dark Red Walnut Dark Walnut Dark Walnut Dark Walnut/Oak Dark Walnut/Oak Deep Red Mahogany Deep Red Mahogany Extra Dark Walnut Extra Dark Walnut Light Golden Oak Light Golden Oak Light Natural Oak Light Natural Oak Light Pecan Light Pecan Light Walnut / Colonial Maple Light Walnut / Colonial Maple Maison Brown Maison Brown Medium Brown Walnut Medium Brown Walnut Medium Oak/Tavern Pine Medium Oak/Tavern Pine Modern Mahogany Modern Mahogany Natural Cherry Natural Cherry Natural Pine Natural Pine Perfect Brown Perfect Brown Red Mahogany/Cherry Red Mahogany/Cherry Universal Walnut Universal Walnut Van Dyke Walnut Van Dyke Walnut Yellow Tone-Up Yellow Tone-Up Modify Options
Product # Color
M1000408 Cherry
M1000007 Amber
M1000224 Black
M1000354 Brown Fruitwood
M1000229 Brown Mahogany
M1000220 Dark Golden Oak
M1000227 Dark Red Mahogany
M1000383 Dark Red Walnut
M1007020 Dark Walnut
M1000351 Dark Walnut/Oak
M1000384 Deep Red Mahogany
M1000209 Extra Dark Walnut
M1000415 Light Golden Oak
M1000321 Light Natural Oak
M1000322 Light Pecan
M1000352 Light Walnut / Colonial Maple
M1000004 Maison Brown
M1000207 Medium Brown Walnut
M1000355 Medium Oak/Tavern Pine
M1000273 Modern Mahogany
M1000382 Natural Cherry
M1000002 Natural Pine
M1000249 Perfect Brown
M1000381 Red Mahogany/Cherry
M1007021 Universal Walnut
M1000353 Van Dyke Walnut
M1001488 Yellow Tone-Up