Blendal Powder Stains

Product #: M37014351
Volume: 1 oz Color: Burnt Umber Antique White Antique White Black Black Blonde Blonde Brown Mahogany Brown Mahogany Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna Canary Yellow Canary Yellow Cordovan/Mahogany Cordovan/Mahogany Dark Brown Mahogany Dark Brown Mahogany Dark Burnt Umber Dark Burnt Umber Dark Red Mahogany Dark Red Mahogany Extra Dark Walnut Extra Dark Walnut Light Golden Oak Light Golden Oak Light Walnut Light Walnut Medium Brown Walnut Medium Brown Walnut Medium Dark Walnut Medium Dark Walnut Nutmeg Nutmeg Ochre Yellow Ochre Yellow Perfect Brown Perfect Brown Raw Sienna Raw Sienna Rock Maple Rock Maple Van Dyke Brown Van Dyke Brown Wheat Wheat White White Modify Options
Product number Volume Color
M37014351 1 oz Burnt Umber
M3704121 1 oz Antique White
M3702241 1 oz Black
M3702221 1 oz Blonde
M3702291 1 oz Brown Mahogany
M3704761 1 oz Burnt Sienna
M3702031 1 oz Canary Yellow
M3703851 1 oz Cordovan/Mahogany
M3703931 1 oz Dark Brown Mahogany
M3703681 1 oz Dark Burnt Umber
M3702271 1 oz Dark Red Mahogany
M3702091 1 oz Extra Dark Walnut
M3704151 1 oz Light Golden Oak
M3702061 1 oz Light Walnut
M3702071 1 oz Medium Brown Walnut
M3702341 1 oz Medium Dark Walnut
M3704111 1 oz Nutmeg
M3703481 1 oz Ochre Yellow
M3702491 1 oz Perfect Brown
M3704771 1 oz Raw Sienna
M3702251 1 oz Rock Maple
M37014781 1 oz Van Dyke Brown
M3702331 1 oz Wheat
M3702021 1 oz White
M3702245 16 oz Black
M3702335 16 oz Wheat


Extra fine, ground, touch-up pigment colors used for spot color replacement on all types of furniture, cabinets, plastics, leather, vinyl and in hundreds of other finishing applications. Best results are obtained when applied with Lacover® Padding Finish. Compatible with various other padding agents, French polish, lacquer, shellac, varnish, synthetic finishes, and graining liquid. Apply with a padding pad or brush.


Product number
Blendal Powder Stains
Stains and Dyes
Application Method
Blendal Powder Stains

Product number: M37014351