Wool-Lube Rubbing Lubricant

Wool-Lube is a multipurpose water-reducible, non-abrasive rubbing and sanding lubricant. Wool-Lube is non-toxic and contains no silicones. Can be used full strength or slightly reduced, with water as a lubricant, with steel wool or abrasive pads to smooth and remove packing marks and scratches from finished surfaces. When reduced with water, Wool-Lube is an excellent sanding lubricant for use with wet/dry sandpapers. Does not interfere with adhesion or drying of lacquer. Finishes rubbed with Wool-Lube and an abrasive can be recoated immediately after being wiped dry. Can be used with dry abrasive powders such as Pumice, Rottenstone, and Tripoli. Use of a sanding lubricant greatly extends the life of waterproof sandpapers.

Product number VolumeGrade
32 ozPaste Form
16 ozLiquid Form


Product number M7201356
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Wool-Lube Rubbing Lubricant

Product number: M7201356