Finisher's Glaze Glazing Stain

Product # M50414786
A truly new glazing stain. Features a super-concentrated colorant in a medium=viscosity base. A unique combination of resins provides excellent adhesion between the sealer, glaze, and topcoat. Colors can be intermixed to achieve a variety of new shades. Compatible for use with conventional and modern catalyzed finishes as well as conversion varnishes and urethanes.
Volume: 32 oz Color: Van Dyke Brown Burnt Umber Burnt Umber Jet Black Jet Black White White Modify Options
Product # Volume Color
M50414786 32 oz Van Dyke Brown
M50401436 1 qt Raw Umber
M50414356 32 oz Burnt Umber
M5042246 32 oz Jet Black
M5042026 32 oz White