Designer Radiant Stain Series

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Volume: 1 qt 1 gal. Color: Rich Tobacco Asbury Asbury Briar Briar Chianti Chianti Copper Copper Golden Brown Golden Brown Michaels Cherry Michaels Cherry Onyx Onyx Smokehouse Smokehouse Tavern Tavern Packaging format: Per unit Per unit Select Options
Product № Volume Color Packaging format
M54764036 1 qt Rich Tobacco Per unit
M54764037 1 gal. Rich Tobacco Per unit
M54764046 1 qt Briar Per unit
M54764026 1 qt Onyx Per unit
M54764056 1 qt Smokehouse Per unit
M54764017 1 gal. Asbury Per unit
M54764047 1 gal. Briar Per unit
M54764077 1 gal. Chianti Per unit
M54764067 1 gal. Copper Per unit
M54764087 1 gal. Golden Brown Per unit
M54764007 1 gal. Michaels Cherry Per unit
M54764027 1 gal. Onyx Per unit
M54764097 1 gal. Tavern Per unit


The new Radiant Series Collection is available in 10 new popular Designer Stain colors.
The stains are formulated to quickly give you deep colors with vibrant undertones that simulate a two-step color process.
The Radiant Stain colors are fast drying wiping stains made with dyes and pigments.
Saving time, labor and money by eliminating costly steps and multiple trips to the spray booth with Mohawk Radiant Stains. Can seal in 30 to 45 minutes.


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Designer Radiant Stain Series
Designer Radiant Stain Series
To buy, choose from the options.