Wiping Wood Stains

Product # M54514786
Semi-transparent, pigmented, solvent-based stain. Non-grain raising and fade-resistant. Easy-to-stir, soft-settling formula. Only 30 minutes of drying time are needed before a lacquer sealer coat can be sprayed. Apply by spray, brush, or cloth. Pigmented Wiping Stains are easier to control because there's no lapping. This is an ideal uniforming stain when applied over dye stains prior to sealing, and will never bleed through the finish. Open work time can be increased by adding Wood Stain Retarder. Virtually any finish can be applied over Wiping Wood Stain: lacquer, shellac, varnish, polyurethane, acrylics, and many others.
Volume: 32 oz 1 gal. Color: Van Dyke Brown Antique White Antique White Black Black Brown Maple Brown Maple Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna Cherry Cherry Colonial Maple Colonial Maple Dark Golden Oak Dark Golden Oak Dark Red Mahogany Dark Red Mahogany Extra Dark Walnut Extra Dark Walnut Fiddletone Cherry Fiddletone Cherry Light Fruitwood Light Fruitwood Light Golden Oak Light Golden Oak Light Red Mahogany Light Red Mahogany Medium Brown Walnut Medium Brown Walnut Medium Dark Walnut Medium Dark Walnut Natural Natural Perfect Brown Perfect Brown Raw Umber Raw Umber Red Mahogany Red Mahogany Statesman Oak Statesman Oak Walnut Walnut White White Packaging format: Per unit Modify Options
Product # Volume Color Packaging format
M54514786 32 oz Van Dyke Brown Per unit
M5454126 32 oz Antique White Per unit
M5452246 32 oz Black Per unit
M5452366 32 oz Brown Maple Per unit
M5454766 32 oz Burnt Sienna Per unit
M5454086 32 oz Cherry Per unit
M5452406 32 oz Colonial Maple Per unit
M5452206 32 oz Dark Golden Oak Per unit
M5452276 32 oz Dark Red Mahogany Per unit
M5452096 32 oz Extra Dark Walnut Per unit
M5451606 32 oz Fiddletone Cherry Per unit
M545L4046 32 oz Light Fruitwood Per unit
M5454156 32 oz Light Golden Oak Per unit
M5452186 32 oz Light Red Mahogany Per unit
M5452076 32 oz Medium Brown Walnut Per unit
M5452346 32 oz Medium Dark Walnut Per unit
M5450026 32 oz Natural Per unit
M5452496 32 oz Perfect Brown Per unit
M54501436 32 oz Raw Umber Per unit
M5452466 32 oz Red Mahogany Per unit
M54515226 32 oz Statesman Oak Per unit
M5453596 32 oz Walnut Per unit
M5452026 32 oz White Per unit
M5454127 1 gal. Antique White Per unit
M5452247 1 gal. Black Per unit
M5452297 1 gal. Brown Mahogany Per unit
M5452367 1 gal. Brown Maple Per unit
M5454767 1 gal. Burnt Sienna Per unit
M54514357 1 gal. Burnt Umber Per unit
M5454087 1 gal. Cherry Per unit
M5452407 1 gal. Colonial Maple Per unit
M5452207 1 gal. Dark Golden Oak Per unit
M5452277 1 gal. Dark Red Mahogany Per unit
M54510057 1 gal. English Chestnut Per unit
M5452097 1 gal. Extra Dark Walnut Per unit
M5451607 1 gal. Fiddletone Cherry Per unit
M54510007 1 gal. Honey Per unit
M54510047 1 gal. Jacobean Per unit
M545L4047 1 gal. Light Fruitwood Per unit
M5454157 1 gal. Light Golden Oak Per unit
M5452187 1 gal. Light Red Mahogany Per unit
M5452077 1 gal. Medium Brown Walnut Per unit
M5452347 1 gal. Medium Dark Walnut Per unit
M54502057 1 gal. Medium Walnut Per unit
M5450027 1 gal. Natural Per unit
M5452497 1 gal. Perfect Brown Per unit
M54501437 1 gal. Raw Umber Per unit
M5452467 1 gal. Red Mahogany Per unit
M54510027 1 gal. Saddle Per unit
M54510017 1 gal. Shale Gray Per unit
M54515227 1 gal. Statesman Oak Per unit
M54514787 1 gal. Van Dyke Brown Per unit
M5453597 1 gal. Walnut Per unit
M54510037 1 gal. Weathered Oak Per unit
M5452027 1 gal. White Per unit