Patchal Putty

Product # M7340003
Patchal Putty is simply the best finish putty that you will ever use. Patchal filler is designed to fill scratches, cracks, knots, and nail holes on most varieties of wood. This putty is great for picture frames, trim, and molding.

- Quick and easy application.
- Simple clean-up.
- Can be topcoated within minutes.
- Superior color selection, matched to current industry trends.
- Easy-to-open packaging keeps this putty fresh.
- Color labels on the lids make it easy to find the right color.
Color: Beige Tone Black Black Cherry Cherry Cinnamon Cinnamon Cordovan Cordovan Espresso Kmc #fl015 Espresso Kmc #fl015 Extra Dark Walnut Extra Dark Walnut Hickory Hickory Honey Spice Honey Spice Light Red Mahogany Light Red Mahogany Mocha Mocha Natural Cherry Natural Cherry Natural Maple Natural Maple Natural Maple Laminate Natural Maple Laminate Natural Oak Natural Oak Nutmeg Nutmeg Raw Sienna Raw Sienna Van Dyke Brown Van Dyke Brown Vanilla Vanilla Warm Cherry Warm Cherry White White Wine Wine Modify Options
Product # Color
M7340003 Beige Tone
M7340001 Black
M7340007 Cherry
M7340010 Cinnamon
M7340005 Cordovan
M7340034 Espresso Kmc #fl015
M7340015 Extra Dark Walnut
M7340013 Hickory
M7340022 Honey Spice
M7340004 Light Red Mahogany
M7340014 Mocha
M7340011 Natural Cherry
M7340018 Natural Maple
M7340023 Natural Maple Laminate
M7340017 Natural Oak
M7340021 Nutmeg
M7340020 Raw Sienna
M7340016 Van Dyke Brown
M7340025 Vanilla
M7340008 Warm Cherry
M7340002 White
M7340006 Wine


Product #
Patchal Putty
4 oz
Application Method