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Abranet Mesh Sanding Disc

Abranet is a mesh abrasive with thousands of small holes. The distance from each abrasive grit to the nearest dust collection point is only half a millimeter. This provides efficient dust extraction from the entire surface of the abrasive. The open mesh design provides superior dust removal. Abranet's innovative design allows the use of portable as well as conventional vacuum systems. This product combines high performance with a long lifespan providing a quick, effective and cost-effective alternative to traditional abrasives.

Abranet is a revolutionary product for vacuum-assisted sanding operations. Designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand, its dust-free sanding characteristics results in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish. The new, patented abrasive will fundamentally change your work environment and results in 95% efficient, dust-controlled sanding when used with industry-standard Dust Extraction systems.

Product #


Application Surface Wood, Solid Surface
Brand Mirka
Dust Extraction Holes Mesh
Abrasive Material Aluminum Oxide
Backing Grip-On
Product Type Abranet



- Dust-free sanding
- Greater efficiency
- Better sanding
- Improved finish of top coat
- Less use of materials
- Better work environment
- Improved operator safety
- Reduced environmental impact


- Solid surface
- Hardwood
- Soft/Resinous wood
- Chipboard
- Veneer
- Paint stripping/removal
- Paint sanding
- Lacquers
- Mild steel/carbon steel
- Stainless steel
- Aluminium
- Non-ferrous metal
- Plaster/putty
- Plastics
- Body filler
- Primer
- Steel
- Cast iron
- Copper alloys/brass/bronze
- Glass fibre


Technical Specifications:

- Bonding: Resin over resin
- Grit: Aluminium oxide
- Coating: Closed
- Color: Brown/white
- Backing: Polyamide fabric
Abranet Mesh Sanding Disc

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