Novastar Multi-Hole Sanding Discs

Product #: AFG5MH120
Box of 50
Grit: 120 150 Grit Texture: Medium Diameter: 5 in 6 in Modify Options
Product number Grit Grit Texture Diameter
AFG5MH120 120 Medium 5 in
AFG5MH080 80 Coarse 5 in
AFG6MH080 80 Coarse 6 in
AFG6MH120 120 Medium 6 in
AFG5MH150 150 Medium 5 in
AFG6MH150 150 Medium 6 in
AFG5MH180 180 Fine 5 in
AFG6MH180 180 Fine 6 in
AFG5MH240 240 Fine 5 in
AFG6MH240 240 Fine 6 in
AFG5MH320 320 Very Fine 5 in
AFG6MH320 320 Very Fine 6 in
AFG5MH400 400 Very Fine 5 in
AFG6MH400 400 Very Fine 6 in


Novastar sanding discs feature top performing abrasives, produced with state-of-the-art technology, with consistent grain distribution for a perfect finish. Novastar is designed for industrial applications in the wood, composites, OEM and marine sectors, as well as large body shops with production-like environments. Perfected for both toughness and finish, great durability and edge wear resistance. Use Novastar with Mirka sanders for excellent stock removal in heavy-duty applications.


Product number
Application Surface
Wood, Metal, Composite, Plastic
Dust Extraction Holes
Multiple Holes
Abrasive Material
Ceramic Aluminum Oxide Blend
Product Type
Backing Strip Type
Polyester Film


- Top performing abrasives produced with state-of-the-art technology
- New, effective, optimized and premium multi-hole patterns for optimal dust extraction and smooth sanding without "catching" on edges, ensures the dust ends up in the dust bag
- Consistent grain distribution for a perfect finish
- New resin system with enhanced grain adhesion
- Precision coating helps repel dust
- Fast sanding result and fine surface finish saves time
- Good edge wear and grain adhesion to meet industrial demands
- Long-lasting quality consistency
- Excellent dust extraction


Novastar Multi-Hole Sanding Discs

Product number: AFG5MH120

Box of 50