Original Wood Filler

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Volume: 6 oz 23 oz Color: Ash Alder Alder Birch Birch Cedar Cedar Fir Fir Mahogany Mahogany Maple Maple Natural Tupelo Natural Tupelo Pine Pine Red Oak Red Oak Teak and Oak Teak and Oak Walnut Walnut White White White Glaze White Glaze White Pine White Pine Select Options
Product № Volume Color
WP36041102 6 oz Ash
WP21102 23 oz Ash
WP36041100 6 oz Alder
WP36041106 6 oz Birch
WP36041149 6 oz Cedar
WP36041119 6 oz Fir
WP36041122 6 oz Mahogany
WP36041124 6 oz Maple
WP36041126 6 oz Natural Tupelo
WP36041154 6 oz Pine
WP36041134 6 oz Red Oak
WP36041128 6 oz Teak and Oak
WP36041142 6 oz Walnut
WP36041144 6 oz White
WP36041152 6 oz White Glaze
WP36041148 6 oz White Pine
WP21100 23 oz Alder
WP21106 23 oz Birch
WP21149 23 oz Cedar
WP21116 23 oz Fir
WP21122 23 oz Mahogany
WP21124 23 oz Maple
WP21126 23 oz Natural Tupelo
WP21134 23 oz Red Oak
WP21128 23 oz Teak and Oak
WP21142 23 oz Walnut
WP21144 23 oz White
WP02148 128 oz White Pine


FAMOWOOD Original Wood Filler has been the choice of professional woodworkers for over 70 years! It doesn't matter whether you are masking small or large defects, FAMOWOOD can handle the job. It spreads smoothly into cracks and holes, takes stains and paints evenly and resists cracking. Perfect for any type of custom wood project.

- Dries in 15 minutes
- Won't crack or shrink
- Can be sanded, drilled or planed
- Stainable and paintable
- Interior/exterior use




Follow these step-by-step directions when using FAMOWOOD Original Wood Filler:

1. Test small area before use.
2. Surface must be clean and dry.
3. Allow contents to dry thoroughly before sanding (15 minutes).
4. Accepts most water-based and oil-based stains.
6. For deep repairs, allow 1st layer to dry before applying subsequent layers. Replace lid tightly.
7. Use FAMOWOOD Wood Filler to restore.
Original Wood Filler
Original Wood Filler
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