Richelieu Water-Based Latex Formula Wood Filler

Product # RWB5404
Wood filler Richelieu Brand with latex formula is a water-based compound to plug or clog different holes and crevices present in wood flooring, furniture and other woodwork.
Easily spreadable with a spatula or other leveling tool. Dries quickly and is easily sandable following drying time. Adheres well on all wood types. Does not shrink.
Choice of classical colors (or on demand). Select the wood paste color the closest to the woodwork to repair.
Available in format of 125 ml, 500 ml and 3.78 litres.
Volume: 125 ml Color: White Pine Birch Birch Black Black Dark Mahogany Dark Mahogany Golden Oak Golden Oak Gray Gray Maple Maple Natural Natural Oak Oak Red Oak Red Oak Walnut Walnut White White Modify Options
Product # Volume Color
RWB5404 125 ml White Pine
RWB0304 125 ml Birch
RWB9004 125 ml Black
RWB0404 125 ml Dark Mahogany
RWB9904 125 ml Golden Oak
RWB0104 125 ml Gray
RWB1004 125 ml Maple
RWB0004 125 ml Natural
RWB0604 125 ml Oak
RWB0504 125 ml Red Oak
RWB1604 125 ml Walnut
RWB3004 125 ml White
RWB9016 500 ml Black
RWB9916 500 ml Golden Oak
RWB0116 500 ml Gray
RWB1016 500 ml Maple
RWB0016 500 ml Natural
RWB00128 3.8 l Natural


- Low odor
- Easy clean-up with water
- Interior or exterior
- Stainable and paintable
- Solvent-free

Acrylic resin:
- Superior resistance to yellowing
- Superior resistance to scratches
- Superior resistance to adherence

- Premium quality plastic container for a more hermetic seal
- Lid reduces product contamination from dry particles

- Can be adjusted with water at all times

Shelf life:
- Only product with a two-year guarantee, compared to one-year guarantee from competitor products