FIORO presents a perfect marriage of wood and metal

Keeping up with industry trends, Fioro offers both an aesthetic and functional solution allowing anyone to have outstanding design on the inside of their cabinets too. The pull-out shelves and fronts now harmonize with the other elements of decor in the living space and as a whole create an overall effect of well-balanced design and comfort.

Warm, natural colors and materials are the latest trend in furniture. Wood and metal, such as oak and steel, complement one another and make aesthetically appealing pieces. The lines between the kitchen and living area are becoming increasingly blurred, making style, design and functionality more important than ever. When teamed with light wood, dark gray interior fittings made of coated steel project a subtle air of understated elegance. Fioro's dark gray metal pull-out shelves are combined with natural oak slim side rails to give a sleek, modern look in accordance with contemporary architectural trends.
Each shelf includes two oak rails and anti-slip mats; ideal to keep stored items in place.

Available in kits or as individual components. 


• Slim side rails for a sleek, modern look in line with contemporary architectural trends

• As an option, side rails can be replaced with:
        - Glass
        - Acrylic
        - Laminates
        - Any other panel type

• Railing inserts and coordinating non-slip mats can be removed for easy cleaning

Richelieu offers various pull-out shelf systems: Fioro, the pull-out pantry system; Snello and Extendo, the pull-out base cabinet systems; and Magic Corner, the corner cabinet solution.