Bed with Kangaroo Storage Set with 2 Opening Positions

More storage. Less back pain! As well as providing increased bedroom storage, the Kangaroo bed's double hydraulic-piston system opens to the elevated-horizontal position (a Richelieu EXCLUSIVE) allowing you to make your bed without having to bend down. Available in bed sizes twin to king.

Product number Dynamic Load RatingMattress SizeInterior Dimensions Required - WidthInterior Dimensions Required - DepthLengthWidth
143 lb*Queen (60'' x 80'')62 1/4 in*83 1/8 in*81 1/8 in*61 in*
88.2 lb*Single (39'' x 75'')41 3/8 in*78 in*76 in*40 1/8 in*
110 lb*Double (54'' x 75'')56 1/4 in*78 in*76 in*55 1/8 in*
165 lb*King (76'' x 80'')78 3/8 in*83 1/8 in*81 1/8 in*77 1/8 in*


Product number WEBKIT1010763
Slat Width 2 5/8 in
Slat Thickness 3/8 in
Designer Gian franco Pessotto
Interior Dimensions Required - Height 10 1/4 in*

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


- Corners are reinforced by corner plates. When open to 45 degrees, the frame remains stable to ensure easy access to storage space. The mattress can be lifted horizontally to make the bed and easily returned to its initial position. The system's strength, combined with a stabilizing bar connecting the two mechanisms, allows for great stability at the base when closed.


Bed frame, left and right lift mechanism, fittings, mattress holders, stabilizing bar, mounting instructions.


- Avoid humidity. Do not expose to atmospheric agents.
- Avoid misuse .
- Use in accordance with instructions.
- To be used only with mattress.
- Slats are of combustible material (wood).
Bed with Kangaroo Storage Set with 2 Opening Positions

Product number: WEBKIT1010763