Tube Pull Handle - Back-to-Back Mounting

Product # 246207002792170

Comfortable grip

Tube Pull Handle with through bolt fasteners for back-to-back mounting to a wood door. Includes two through bolt fasteners for wood doors with 1 3/8 in (35 mm) to 1 9/16 in (40 mm) thickness. A series of washers and rosettes help to resist compression and damage to the surface of the door when installed. Select from two different finishes that match our collection of Decorative Barn Door Sliding kits in brushed stainless steel and matte black. See the Suggested Products below to explore a list of popular Decorative Barn Door Sliding kits and systems. The Tube Pull handle has a comfortable and secure grip for both residential and commercial interior door applications for swing, pivot, and sliding wood doors. Ideal for bathrooms, home offices, bedrooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms. For an installation tip, pre-drill holes carefully for the through bolts from both surfaces of the door to avoid material blow out.
Color/Finish: Stainless Steel Material: Stainless Steel 304 Modify Options
Product # Color/Finish Material
246207002792170 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 304
24620700270090 Black Steel


Can be used for swing, pivot, and sliding doors.
Two different finishes that match and are complementary to the standard selection of barn door sliding systems.
Washers and rosettes help to resist compression and damage to the surface of the door when installed.
Set screws for discreet mounting.
Comfortable and secure grip.


Product #
Door Type
Door Thickness
1 3/8 to 1 9/16 in*
Back-to-Back Pull Handle, Passage
Sliding Door, Hinge Door
19 5/8 in*
2 7/32 in*
Center to Center Drilling (Spacing)
11 3/4 in*
Edge Distance
2 3/8 in*
Milling Dimension
13/32 in*
3/4 in*

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IMPORTANT: Designed for interior wood doors, not suitable for exterior applications
- Please make sure to read the entirety of the installation manual before proceeding with the installation
- Pre-drill for through bolts
- Do not overtighten fasteners
- Wear safety gear such as gloves, safety glasses, safety shoes, and ear protection
- Do not use abrasive cleaners


- 2 door pulls
- 2 rosettes
- 2 through bolts
- 2 end nuts for 2 set screws


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