Flex-Fit System for Onlevel Base Shoes

Adjust the angle and stabilizes the glass panel

The Flex-Fit system is the perfect solution to align glass panels with precision.
When installing glass panels, Flex-Fit provides 34 mm of vertical leeway to correct their placement.
Conventional systems often require an installation on the fall side.
Flex-Fit must only be installed on the balcony side, for the entire mounting.
This ensures a more secure setup, while also avoiding unnecessary scaffolding or elevated platform fees.
Flex-Fit can be used for various glass thicknesses, from 12 mm to 31.52 mm (certain less popular glass thicknesses can be custom ordered).

Product # HR90050511700

Type of Safety Glass

Laminated / Tempered Glass


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Red


Requires the following products

Per unit
Per unit


Product number HR90050511700
Length 16 ft 4 in*
Recommended Location Usage Interior, Exterior
Brand OnLevel
Collection OnLevel 6010, OnLevel 6011, OnLevel 3010, OnLevel 4010, OnLevel 3011

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- This innovative product not only reduces assembly time by 30%, it also allows you to complete the installation from the balcony side.
- This removes the need for scaffolding and makes for a much safer installation.


- The wedge and the glass carrier are meant to go inside the base shoe and the corners
- Use the rubber gaskets at the top of the base shoe and the corners to help stabilize the glass
- Available for several glass thickness


- 16 glass carriers
- 16 wedges
- 1 user side rubber gasket of 5000 mm
- 1 void side rubber gasket of 5000 mm


- Stabilizes glass panels up to 1 m tall within the base shoe


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Flex-Fit System for Onlevel Base Shoes

Product number: HR90050511700