Revolving Closet System Large

Product #: 13252040
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Product number Part
13252040 Set #1 Bottom Part
13252140 Set #2 Top Part


Rotary closet maximizer system


Product number
Clothes Hanging
Product Dimensions - Width
Min. 99 1/4 in*
Product Dimensions - Height
92 1/2 in*
Product Depth
Min. 31 1/2 in*
Product Type
Rotary closet maximizer system

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- Easy to install (bottom and side mounted) and operate.
- Brings the clothes to you, letting you view your wardrobe in the best light.
- 30 to 50 clothes can be stored on the system depending on the version.
- Satin nickel and grey frame and accessories.
- Handles included to rotate the unit.
- Available in 2 dimensions.
- No more dead space.
- Excellent ergonomics : designed using Panasonic's ''Digital Human'' modeling system to
ensure great ergonomic performance and minimal force operation
- Limited life time warranty
- 30,000 cycle test: low maintenance


Revolving system for clothes storage, ideal for small closets.


For a complete system, order one set # 1 (# 13252040) + one set # 2 (# 13252140).

- Takes very limited space for the most storage capacity possible.
- Allows storage of 30 to 50 pieces of clothing.
- Can be retro-fitted in a small cabiinet by utilizing the revolving mechanism.
- Can also be self standing.
- Tested up to 30,000 cycles
Revolving Closet System Large

Product number: 13252040