Two-Piece Rod Support

Support for round rods with 31.75 mm (1-1/4") diameter

Product # 8509140


Product number 8509140
Application Clothes Hanging
Product Type Wardrobe Rod
Finish Chrome
Support Type Closed
Mounting Type Screw Mount
Material Metal
Inside Diameter 1 5/16 in
Outside Diameter 1 1/2 in
Product Depth 1 1/2 in


Can be used with rods having a diameter of either 31.75 mm (1-1/4") or 33.33 mm (1-5/16").
Allows for easy installation of wardrobe rod.
Easy to install, you simply need to screw the plate to the wall, and screw the ring in the plate.
Two-Piece Rod Support

Product number: 8509140