Pre-finished Poplar Drawer Sides

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Pre-finished poplar drawer sides with a high quality ultraviolet-cured lacquer for high resistance to shocks and scratches. They offer a smooth and attractive surface, making them a visually appealing option for your cabinetry. They are pre-finished, grooved and chamfered which means they don't require any extra effort in the finishing process and are ready to be cut to size and installed. Poplar is a hardwood that is durable and resistant to warping, making it a reliable material for drawer sides that will last for years. It is also known for its workability, making it easy to cut and shape to fit your specific project needs.
Grade: A/B B/C Height: 3 3/8 in 4 1/8 in 6 1/4 in 7 1/8 in 8 1/4 in 10 1/4 in Finish: No Finger Joints Select Options
Product # Grade Height Finish
4033842ABNF A/B 3 3/8 in No Finger Joints
4041842ABNF A/B 4 1/8 in No Finger Joints
4061442ABNF A/B 6 1/4 in No Finger Joints
4071842ABNF A/B 7 1/8 in No Finger Joints
4081442ABNF A/B 8 1/4 in No Finger Joints
40101442ABNF A/B 10 1/4 in No Finger Joints
4033842BCWF B/C 3 3/8 in With Finger Joints
4041842BCWF B/C 4 1/8 in With Finger Joints
4061442BCWF B/C 6 1/4 in With Finger Joints
4071842BCWF B/C 7 1/8 in With Finger Joints
4081442BCWF B/C 8 1/4 in With Finger Joints
40101442BCWF B/C 10 1/4 in With Finger Joints


- Pre-finished with a UV-resistant coating to reduce labor needs in your drawer manufacturing process
- Available in 6 standard heights
- Option of 2 wood grades (A/B or B/C)
- High-quality machining
- 1/4 in groove


42 in
Coating Type
UV Coating
1/4 in
5/8 in