Traditional Metal Pull - 237

Product #: BP23737128BORB
Center to Center: 128 mm Finish: Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze Anthracite Anthracite Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel Burnished Brass Burnished Brass Rust Rust Wrought Iron Wrought Iron Length - Overall Dimensions: 146 mm Modify Options
Product number Center to Center Finish Length - Overall Dimensions
BP23737128BORB 128 mm Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze 146 mm
BP2373796906 96 mm Anthracite 110 mm
BP237379691 96 mm Black Nickel 110 mm
BP2373796195 96 mm Brushed Nickel 110 mm
BP2373796BORB 96 mm Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze 110 mm
BP2373796BB 96 mm Burnished Brass 110 mm
BP2373796900 96 mm Matte Black 110 mm
BP2373796801 96 mm Rust 110 mm
BP2373796907 96 mm Wrought Iron 110 mm
BP23737128906 128 mm Anthracite 146 mm
BP23737128195 128 mm Brushed Nickel 146 mm
BP23737128BB 128 mm Burnished Brass 146 mm
BP23737128801 128 mm Rust 146 mm
BP23737128907 128 mm Wrought Iron 146 mm
BP23737192906 192 mm Anthracite 208 mm
BP23737192195 192 mm Brushed Nickel 208 mm
BP23737192BORB 192 mm Brushed Oil-Rubbed Bronze 208 mm
BP23737192BB 192 mm Burnished Brass 208 mm
BP23737192801 192 mm Rust 208 mm
BP23737192907 192 mm Wrought Iron 208 mm


Classic metal pull by Richelieu. The delicately arched handle with sturdy flared ends will provide tasteful embellishment to any décor.


Product number
Pulls and Knobs Style
Width - Overall Dimensions
14 mm
8/32 (Included)
Color Group
Brown and Bronze Group
Country Style
Finish Number
Suggested Price
From $5.00 to $10.00
Projection - Overall Dimensions
31 mm


Although our anthracite and black finishes are achieved through a rigorous process, they may show signs of normal usage faster than other finishes.
Traditional Metal Pull - 237

Product number: BP23737128BORB