Transitional Metal Pull - 7227

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A transitional style is like having the best of both worlds: a unique combination of the modern and classic. This elegant pull with flared ends will elevate the wow factor of furniture and cabinetry.
Center to Center: 96 mm 128 mm 160 mm 256 mm Finish: Brushed Nickel Chrome Chrome Honey Bronze Honey Bronze Matte Black Matte Black Length - Overall Dimensions: 136 mm 168 mm 200 mm 296 mm Select Options
Product # Center to Center Finish Length - Overall Dimensions
BP722796195 96 mm Brushed Nickel 136 mm
BP7227128195 128 mm Brushed Nickel 168 mm
BP7227160195 160 mm Brushed Nickel 200 mm
BP7227256195 256 mm Brushed Nickel 296 mm
BP722796140 96 mm Chrome 136 mm
BP722796HBRZ 96 mm Honey Bronze 136 mm
BP722796900 96 mm Matte Black 136 mm
BP7227128140 128 mm Chrome 186 mm
BP7227128HBRZ 128 mm Honey Bronze 168 mm
BP7227128900 128 mm Matte Black 168 mm
BP7227160140 160 mm Chrome 200 mm
BP7227160HBRZ 160 mm Honey Bronze 200 mm
BP7227160900 160 mm Matte Black 200 mm
BP7227256140 256 mm Chrome 296 mm
BP7227256HBRZ 256 mm Honey Bronze 296 mm
BP7227256900 256 mm Matte Black 296 mm


Pulls and Knobs Style
Width - Overall Dimensions
13 mm
8/32 in (Included)
Projection - Overall Dimensions
32 mm


Although our black finish is achieved through a rigorous process, it may show signs of normal usage faster than other finishes.