Brass Card Holder

This art deco card holder will upgrade drawers with vintage flair.

Product # 45123904


Product number 45123904
Material Brass
Screw/Nail 287-xxx (Included)
Length - Overall Dimensions 3 1/8 in
Width - Overall Dimensions 1 1/8 in
Style - Accessories Traditional
Finish Number 904
Projection - Overall Dimensions 1/8 in
Suggested Price From $10.00 to $15.00
Color Group Gray and Chrome Group


The rectangular interior slot of the product is 19 x 66 mm.
The dimensions of the rectangular hole on the exterior of the product are 16 x 62 mm.
The opening for the passage of the label is 19.8 x 1 mm.
The dimensions of the label should be approximately 19 x 65 mm to fit properly in the slot.
Brass Card Holder

Product number: 45123904