Piston for Vertical Opening Mechanism

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Dynamic Load Rating: 88.2 lb* 99.2 lb* 121 lb* 143 lb* 154 lb* 187 lb* 220 lb* Select Options
Product № Dynamic Load Rating
841100V45 88.2 lb*
841000V50 99.2 lb*
841300V55 121 lb*
841500V70 143 lb*
841600V75 154 lb*
841800V85 187 lb*
841900V10 220 lb*


Unique in the market: Ingenious and secure!

This piston makes opening - as well as closing - your multifunctional wall bed easy and smooth.
Latest generation European piston has two advantages:
- Opens AND closes smoothly
- Extra safety: equipped with a counterbalance mechanism that prevents you from getting your finger caught when you close the door.

Looking to use a thick mattress? Or want to attach your flat screen TV to the door of the multifunction cabinet? This piston, available in four different weight capacities can handle it all.

How to choose the correct piston:
1) Add the weight of the door + weight of the mattress = Total weight
2) Choose the piston with the next highest weight capacity


Black (90)

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.



The dimensions shown in our drawings correspond to a standard mattress with a thickness of 180 mm (7 '').
Piston for Vertical Opening Mechanism
Piston for Vertical Opening Mechanism
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