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Luna - Vertical Opening Mechanism with Three Shelf

Synchronized Single Motion.

More Richelieu innovation with this two-in-one innovation that features a folding bed and three shelves.

Multifunctional bed with an opening system that is unique on the market: three shelves integrated with a folding-bed mechanism.
- Securely store books, picture frames, laptop, etc.
- When you close the wall bed, the shelves remain parallel to the floor.
- Movement of the shelves is synchronized with bed movement.
- Single, easy movement to open and close.

Can house a mattress that is from 180 mm (7") to 330 mm (13'') thick.

Product # 8428053


- Highly functional shelves: when the bed is in the open position, the shelves become feet for the bed.

- You can install a mattress that is thicker than the standard 180 mm (7") by building a deeper unit.

- High load capacity (600 kg) allows large and small individuals to sleep easy.


Good for tight spaces, this multifunctional unit optimizes usable floor space.


Please refer to the "Hardware List" document.


- Max Load: 5 kg (1 lb.)
- Thickness: 19 mm (3/4")


Ensure unit is properly secured to wall. For a quality build, panel thickness must be 19 mm (3/4") or more.
Luna - Vertical Opening Mechanism with Three Shelf

Product number: 8428053