Electronic Lock with Keypad

This electronic lock is the perfect solution for applications where security and convenience are key.
- Security: Codes must be between 3 and 10 digits.
- Convenience: 2 operating modes are offered, a fixed code (one code for all users) and a user-specific code (one code per user).

Product # 4001490


Product number 4001490
Finish Grey
Operating Modes Free Code
Number of Lock Systems 1 Code / Lock


- Easy to program new codes
- No need to keep track of physical keys
- No re-keying
- No cylinder for greater security
- Easy to install: few screws and snap-on keypad frame
- Can be installed on the left or right side simply by turning the lock 180°


- Banks, jewelry stores, office manufacturers, dentists, locker rooms, school boards, and medical offices are perfect locations for this type of application.
- Can be used on doors of any thickness


Includes: keypad, lock, striker plate, fitting bolt protector, screws, operating instructions and two AA batteries.


- Please see technical documents to see all parts and additional information.
- Can stand alone or be included in a master key system.
- Works with AA batteries.
- Warning signal lights up 40 to 60 cycles before the battery runs out (permanent red light).
- Lock thickness: 21.5 mm
Electronic Lock with Keypad

Product number: 4001490