Smart Functionality, and Design - Very flexible solution designed to support all your projects! Available in 2 modern finishes (Alu & Black Anthracite)
The latest innovation coming from Italy. Versatile and modular, the patented connectors offers endless solutions for all type of projects: base cabinet, vanity, suspended library, bookcase, etc. with a limited number of elements available in 2 square diameters: 20 x 20 mm and 25 x 25 mm.

Dedicated for mid to high transitional, contemporary, or modern kitchen, the open shelving concept is THE SOLUTION combining design and functionality.

The open shelving concept gives designers the ability to customize every area of your home and create a functional space. Very practical (more practical than a standard kitchen cabinet) with easy access of the open furniture.
Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is not a concept anymore! Build your living area vertically without obstructing your space.

LIBERTA 25 (25 x 25 mm) is especially designed for heavy-duty applications such as base cabinet, vanity, large bookcase, etc.
LIBERTA 20 (20 x 20 mm) is the perfect tool to support your open upper cabinet, suspended shelving, etc.

All connectors have been designed to support your ideas without altering robustness or deforming the profile/structure.

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