Suspension Bracket Screw Mounting

Product #: 800140360
  • Minimum quantity: 2
Position: Left Right Fixing Type: Screw fixing Dowel fixing Finish: Brown Beige Black White Modify Options
Product number Position Fixing Type Finish
800140360 Left Screw fixing Brown
800220340 Left Dowel fixing Beige
800220390 Left Dowel fixing Black
800220360 Left Dowel fixing Brown
800220330 Left Dowel fixing White
800140340 Left Screw fixing Beige
800140390 Left Screw fixing Black
800140330 Left Screw fixing White
800220240 Right Dowel fixing Beige
800220290 Right Dowel fixing Black
800220260 Right Dowel fixing Brown
800220230 Right Dowel fixing White
800140240 Right Screw fixing Beige
800140290 Right Screw fixing Black
800140260 Right Screw fixing Brown
800140230 Right Screw fixing White


Hanging brackets offer high performance and a wide range of adjustments, both in height and depth. Highly resistant steel core contained in a plastic cover.

Available in two versions: screw-anchored and dowel-anchored.

Depth Adjustment: 25 mm (1")
Height Adjustment: 25 mm (1")


Product number
154 lb*
Plastic, Steel
Vertical Adjustment
31/32 in*
Depth adjustment
31/32 in*

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Ensure the wall is of a suitable quality to hold the system weight.
Suspension Bracket Screw Mounting

Product number: 800140360