Table-Rotation Mechanism - Eclipse

Product # 65407010

Space-saving mechanism

The latest innovation in office and kitchen furniture, the Eclipse mechanism enables surfaces or furniture parts to rotate horizontally, with the moved part remaining in a horizontal position. The Eclipse mechanism can be applied to all sorts of indoor furniture applications where a bench top must be hidden.

This versatile product allows to reduce the size of some furniture to a simple shelf, or a drawer for even better space management. Using the Eclipse mechanism, your work desk can be stowed away when not in use. More amazingly, this mechanism also works in corners.

Two-step movement: first the work desk is moved away from the walls to create the required space for a rotation and then the rotation can be carried out.


- Space saving mechanism enables people to have stylish furniture in a limited space without having to reduce its functionality.
- In this initial position, the work desk is hidden and the piece of furniture is neatly reduced to an ordinary shelf.


Product #
Load Capacity
150 kg



The applicable furniture width is 48 to 70 cm.
The length of the desk is irrelevant.
The height of the desk can also be chosen independently, though it is required to have a side leg supporting the desk, with wheels to support the movement.

Area of application:
- Kitchen : create an extension of your existing kitchen island.
- Office : when required, (meeting, working lunch), add an extra working surface.
- Bedroom
- Living-room and so many others areas!!


- The transformation is supported by small rolling wheels under the side part of the upper work desk (not included)
- The specific and striking design of the Eclipse mechanism is to work around obstructions when moving furniture parts or surfaces.
- For horizontal applications, this comes in handy when rotation is required. although a corner or walls could restrict this movement.
- The two left corners of the upper surface are moved and rotated in a well-thought-out way to avoid touching any obstructing walls on the side.

The mechanism can be installed after milling (attached drawing) the shape of the base into the top of the supporting furniture, Milling depth is 16.5 mm.
Manufacturers need 15 screws and the mechanism is all set up to rotate the desk.


The 15 screws needed are supplied in the package.