Kolossus Folding L-Support

Product №: 621861116
Projection - Overall Dimensions: 400 mm Height - Overall Dimensions: 270 mm Color/Finish: Zinc White Shelf Thickness: 400 mm Width - Overall Dimension: 35 mm Modify Options
Product № Projection - Overall Dimensions Height - Overall Dimensions Color/Finish Shelf Thickness Width - Overall Dimension
621861116 400 mm 270 mm Zinc 400 mm 35 mm
621860112 300 mm 200 mm White 300 mm 30 mm
621861112 300 mm 200 mm Zinc 300 mm 30 mm
621860116 400 mm 270 mm White 400 mm 35 mm


These sturdy folding L-brackets are a great way to maximize space. They can turn a wall space that is not currently in use into a functional shelf.
- The L-support can be mounted to any type of wall
- Adjustable to four positions: 90°, 80°, 70°, and 0°


Product №
Maximum Load Capacity per Shelf
750 lb
Cold Rolled Steel
Folding Support
Maximum Load Capacity per Pair
750 lb


- The L-support can be used for heavy-duty storage, and works in places where limited space is critical.

- Great for garages, offices, warehouses, maintenance storage, and residential storage.


For better results, the L-support should be mounted directly to a wall stud.

1) Before drilling the holes, verify that the L-support is vertically level.
2) Use a #10 x 2 in (50.8 mm) screw to attach the bracket to the wall stud and tighten until each bracket is secure.
3) Center the shelf on the brackets. Use a #8 screw for the farthest holes on each bracket.
4) Make sure the shelf folds properly. Make adjustments to the L-support if necessary.
5) To secure the L-support, use #10 x 2 in (50.8 mm) screws through the second top mounting hole and through one of two bottom mounting holes.
6) To secure the L-support to the shelf, use #8 screws through the second rear mounting hole and through one of two front-mount holes.

The bracket is made with a durable zinc-coated steel construction and has a spring-loaded release lever.