I-Box 02 Frameless

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Soft-close sliding system for a corner glass shower

Equipped with "SOFTY", an innovative and patented soft-close system.
As opposed to traditional soft-close systems, minimal force is needed to release the damper and open/close the door
With no latch or release points, the motion of the door is smooth, constant, and silent.

Thanks to the combination of the Softy system and a patented profile applied to the thickness of the glass, complete sealing of the system can be achieved, resulting in no annoying leaks from the shower cabin.

The self-adjusting floor guide integrated into the floor guard automatically adjusts to the thickness of the glass, minimizing door oscillations and vibrations, and eliminating noise caused by the glass movement during sliding.
The minimum distance between the sliding door and the fixed panel is 11 mm.
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Product # Finish
755IBOX02FL900 Matte Black
755IBOX02FL140 Polished chrome


Exceptional ease of movement and silence.
Reduced distance between the sliding door and fixed glass.
Minimum door width of 500 mm.
Patented, self-regulating floor guide integrated into the floor barrier,
Watertight door closing.
Very quick assembly and adjustment.
Successfully tested with 200,000 opening and closing cycles.
Minimal design thanks to the reduced size and the absence of mechanical parts on sight.


Load Capacity
110 lb*
Glass Thickness
1/4 to 5/16 in*
Recommended Door Height
90 1/2 in*
Max. Fixed Panel Height
90 1/2 in*
Recommended Door Width
37 in*
Enclosure Width
Max. 78 3/4 in*
Recommended Fixed Panel Width
41 3/8 in*

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