LionGrip PU Plus Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

LionGrip PU Plus Polyurethane Glue is a single-component, 100% polyurethane-based, VOC-compliant adhesive. It can be used for interior or exterior projects and is three times as strong as conventional solvent-based construction adhesives. The advanced formula produces a permanent overnight bond to almost any substrate.

Product # R519300PU


Product number R519300PU
Volume 10 oz
Base Polyurethane
VOC Concentration (EPA Method 24) 45 grams per liter
Standards and Certifications LEED, ASTM D3498, ASTM C557, AFG-01
Open Time 30 minutes
Finish/Color Brown
Viscosity 160,000 cps
Freeze/Thaw Stability Stable
Brand Liongrip
Recommended Use Interior, Exterior, General-Use Glue, Construction Grade, Bonding Porous Surface to Non-Porous Surface
Foams when Drying No
Application Temperature 4 °C (40 °F)
Solid Content (approx.) 90%


- Three times stronger than traditional solvent-base construction adhesives
- In under 24 hours, a permanent bond is produced with nearly any substrate in all weather
- VOC standard-compliant
- Excellent adhesion strength
- Non-freezing
- Versatile
- Waterproof
- Quick setup
- Adheres to dry, wet or frozen wood
- Low odor


Suitable for:
- Wood
- Hardwood flooring
- Concrete
- Stone
- Marble
- Slate
- Masonry
- Brick
- Foam insulation
- Carpets
- Metal
- Lead
- Cement-based products
- Ceramics
- Mirrors
- Drywall
- Fiberglass


Meets and exceeds all requirements of the American Plywood Association Specification AFG-01, Adhesive for Gluing Plywood to Wood Framing
Conforms to ASTM D3498
Conforms to ASTM C-557
Contributes to LEED credits
LionGrip PU Plus Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

Product number: R519300PU